Project Description

This interesting little windowed stalked jelly (Manania handi) was discovered as I was diving among a bed of eelgrass carefully looking for small animals.  It blends very well into its surroundings.  I like the shape and colouration of this jelly, and find it fascinating that a few varieties like this one are attached to objects by a stalk and are not free swimming as I’ve thought of jellies in the past.  This stalked jelly has a trumpet shaped body with branches radiating from the centre and tentacles on the ends of those branches.  It’s interesting that the larva actually crawl along surfaces looking for an ideal place for attachment, which could be kelp, eelgrass or a rock.  There is no polyp and medusa (free swimming) stage like most jellies.  The windowed stalked jelly can grow to 3.2 inches (8cm) long, with a range from southern BC to Washington.