Project Description

This six-lined ribbon worm close-up (Tubulanus sexlineatus) shows the interesting pattern on this animal.  When I saw this worm resting across a rocky reef I was surprised to see it stretched out a good 3 feet (0.9m)!  The six-lined ribbon worm builds its own transparent tube that it can retreat into if disturbed.  The colour of this primitive animal can vary from dark brown to wine red.  The six-lined ribbon worm can grow to 39 inches (1m) long, and has a range from southern Alaska to southern California.


Tap on the image below to see a longer section of the six-lined ribbon worm.

It's amazing how this animal stretched out over the rocks!


Tap on the image below to see the transparent tube that the six-lined ribbon worm has built to retreat into if disturbed.

A tube shelter built for a safe retreat