Project Description

We have just had a major snowstorm over the past number of days with 68 cm of accumulated snowfall.  This is very unusual weather for Victoria which normally has rain in the winter.

Despite the snow, the four hummingbirds that call our backyard home still need a large quantity of nectar to survive.  Anna’s hummingbirds have established a permanent population on Vancouver Island, and can be found along the Pacific coast from southern Canada to Baja California.  These hummingbirds do not migrate but stay in their small territory year round.

The weather has been so cold that the sugar water is freezing!  When I woke up the first morning of the storm, I saw a hummingbird trying to drink at a feeder but instead it was licking a block of ice!  I quickly thawed out a couple feeders for our small friends.  Since then the feeders have been brought inside at night to stay warm, and placed back outside in the morning before dawn.  All of the hummingbirds have survived this major shift in weather.

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Anna's Hummingbird Drinking in a Snowstorm


Male Hummingbird Guarding Feeders