Diving Madrona Point

Diving Madrona Point was a fantastic experience.  The dive site is located in Nanoose Bay, just north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and has an abundance of marine life.  This short video highlights the animals encountered on my two dives at Madrona.   [...]

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Vancouver Aquarium Article on Tunicate with Fish Eggs

The Vancouver Aquarium published an article and photo about the tunicate I found containing fish eggs.  They were very excited about the discovery and are currently trying to determine the fish involved in laying its eggs within the tunicate.   The article can be [...]

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Mystery Tunicate

This mystery tunicate is very interesting in that after photographing it on a dive, I couldn’t find a matching photo in my collection of marine life identification books.  I started a conversation with Neil McDaniel who was very interested, and he contacted other Pacific [...]

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White-and-Orange-Tipped Nudibranch

This white-and-orange-tipped nudibranch (Janolus fuscus) was photographed near Victoria BC in about 25 feet of water.  I’m enjoying using my underwater camera and was happy to be in the right place at the right time to get this photo.  The nudibranch was perched up high [...]

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Dive 800!

Harry McGregor and I went on dive 800 at McKenzie Bight near Victoria, BC.  This was an awesome dive and the first time using the video feature of my underwater camera set-up.  I am happy with the video and how it shows a realistic [...]

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First Dive with Camera in Underwater Housing

Well I finally took my camera out with me during a dive with Harry McGregor.  I’ve got a lot of learning ahead of me but I enjoy the control wheel on this housing which makes it easy to change f stops and shutter speed.  [...]

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Sechelt & Vancouver Dive Trip

After being away from diving for many years, I decided in 2015 to get back into it again.  I visited some old friends and we had a great time! Geoff lives in Sechelt and Rob lives in Vancouver.  It was great seeing Geoff again, [...]

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