jim auzins

Hello – my name is Jim Auzins and I enjoy taking pictures of the world around me.  This photo was taken at the summit of Gowlland Tod Provincial Park, near Victoria, BC.

When I was very young I would always want to swim underwater.  I remember a big challenge for me was to swim underwater to the opposite end of the pool, without surfacing for a breath.  As I got older I discovered The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau on TV and was amazed by the abundant life that existed below the surface of the ocean.  I liked all the marine biodiversity shown in each episode and the exploration of that world by Cousteau and his team.  Later I took an Open Water diving course and was fascinated that I was able to swim among aquatic animals.  Today I am an inquisitive naturalist, and think of each dive as an adventure.

My favourite thing to do is photograph marine life while scuba diving in the cool waters of the Pacific Northwest.  I’ve also made a few warm water trips which have been fun as well, especially since there is a lot less gear to wear in the tropics!

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Land Camera

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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 (version 1)

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Underwater Housing & Rig

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Recsea Underwater Housing

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Prevoius Underwater Camera

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